We offer a complete turnkey service 

From the design of the product to its production, packaging, and shipment, All in one place.

Our company, O'kannae Co., Ltd., is an agricultural corporation specializing in OEM and ODM manufacturing and has extensive manufacturing experience in various formulations of health food, using select natural raw materials as the main ingredients as well as the knowledge and wisdom necessary to develop the formulas. 

We provide ONE-STOP services, which include the entire process from raw material selection and product planning to production, package design, packaging, and shipment, so that our customers may focus on marketing and distribution functions. 

Specifically, we manage product quality, productivity, and production lead times in a systematic manner by implementing the smart factory system solution MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

Everything you need
at one place

  • Destinated place - 143 Bio Valley-ro, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do 
  • Total floor area - 450 pyeong (1,500mm2) with two floors above ground 
  • Products of major production - Big pills, Small pills, Jelly Stick Pouch

  • Destinated place - 51, Jecheonbuk-ro 1-gil, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do 
  • Total floor area - 270 pyeong (900mm2) with two floors above ground 
  • Products of major production - Liquid type stick, Pouch, Bottle

  • Destinated place - 51, Jecheonbuk-ro 1-gil, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do 
  • Total floor area - 100 pyeong (330mm2) with three floors above ground 
  • Products of major production - Small pills, Powder(pulp) Stick, Tablest, Tea Bag

Of Production

Systematic manufacturing facilities to ensure the safety and cleanliness of products



kilograms per day


(3–5 mm)

pills per day


tablets per day

4-lane Four Sided Pouch for Liquids

pouches per day

10-lane Stick Pack for Jelly Stick

sticks per day

10-lane Stick Pack for Powders

sticks per day

01  Integrated production systems are established for liquid products from the purchase of raw materials through extraction, concentration, filling, and packaging (for solid formulation, grinding and refining etc.)
  • One of the advantages of being located in Jecheon, a domestic herb collecting region, is the ease with which raw materials can be purchased.
  • Input of quantitative raw materials contributes to quality excellence and price competitiveness.
  • Enhancing the company's reputation among customers and client companies.

02  Has facilities for the packaging of a wide range of products, including liquid, solid, jelly, and other kinds of products
  • Expanding production facilities and expanding the A-Wing (liquid) and B-Wing (solid) in the second plant in order to diversify production-capable products.
  • The company has various types of production facilities, such as pouches, sticks, bottles, PET bottles, high-viscosity liquids(high), jelly, etc.
  • Various products can be constructed by possessing charging facilities for 대한?big pills, small pills, pulp and powder type (lactobacillus, collagen, etc)

03  Manufacturing capabilities that are differentiated from others 
  • Using an airflow shredder and an ultra-fine shredder, it has an average particle size of 500 mesh, as well as facilities that do not generate dust or metallic foreign substances at the point of production.
  • Having four refineries enables the production of both big and small pills simultaneously (ensuring a rapid response to customer demand) 
  • By ensuring quality through quantitative raw material input, increase customer satisfaction and repurchase rates.
 The name of the facilityAvailability of production per dayQuantity packable

Extraction, stirring

Extraction machine  

12.8 ton / day

Stirring machine 

24 ton / day

Thickening machine (tower or stir type)

300 kg / h,  2 units

Manufacturing jelly and high viscosity products

Jelly maker (separate service tank)

4 ton / day

Liquids with high viscosity Manufacturer (separate service tank)

4 ton / day

Manufacturing of pills

Big pills, small pills

2 ton / day

 3~5mm,  3.75~4g

Manufacturing of pulp type

Dry granulator with fluidized bed

2 ton / day


Tablet machine

200,000 tables / day

500~1, 000mg

Filling of liquids

Packaging machine for four-row, four-sided pouches

200,000 bags


Automatic packaging machine for 10 rows of sticks

80,000 bags


Automatic packaging machine for 2 rows of sticks

60,000 bags


Automatic charger for PET with 8 rows

5,000 bottles

500, 1000, 1500ml

Automatic charger for bottles with 6 rows

5,000 bottles
500, 750, 1000ml


Vial charger (including automatic capping)

10,000 bottles


Fillings of Jelly and high viscosity 

Automatic packaging machine for 10 rows of Jelly sticks

160,000 bags


Stick filler for 2 rows of high viscosity

40,000 bags

12g, 15g

Filler for 4 rows of high-viscosity bottles

10,000 bottles


Filling of powder(pulp)

Pillow packaging machine for powder (pulp) sticks in 10 rows

80,000 bags


Packaging machine for powder (pulp) sticks in 10 rows

160,000 bags


Automatic packaging machine for powder(pulp) in 6 rows 

48,000 bags


Tea bag

Packaging machine for tea bags (non-woven)

24,000 bags


Packaging for big and small pills

Packaging machine for big pills (candy packaging device)

400,000 pills


Packaging machine for pill sticks with 10 rows

60,000 bags


Automatic Packaging machine for small pills with 6 rows

50,000 bags


Packing machine for small pills with 1 row and 3 sides

25,000 bags


Process of crushing

The airflow ultra-precision grinder

1ton / 1 day

Average size 500mesh 

Ultrafine grinder

600kg / 1 day

Average size 400mesh

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