The acquisition of high-quality herbs of natural raw materials
as well as foreign natural raw materials

As part of Jecheon city's industrial bio-valley complex, O'kannae Co., Ltd. is located within the national designated medical herb well-being zone.

Since the Joseon Dynasty, Jecheon has developed into a center for the production and distribution of various high-quality herbs under climatic conditions that favor herbal growth. The relationships we have developed with local clients have enabled us to supply high-quality plant-derived natural ingredients for use in food and medicine.
Further, we are actively engaged in the development of new products combining traditional herbal ingredients with foreign natural ingredients, which are discovered through reliable partners who are exploring a wide range of foreign natural ingredients.


Overview of lacquer trees

Lacquer is a sap produced by lacquer trees.

It appears grayish when it first emerges, but oxidase transforms it to black when it contacts air.

There is an ingredient in the bark of the lacquer tree known as urushiol, which causes an allergic reaction.

Even though lacquer contains allergenic substances, it is also a representative medicinal plant, and in Korea, lacquer trees have been boiled with chickens or boiled and consumed as tea for hundreds of years.

Additionally, Heo Jun, a prominent royal physician during the mid-Joseon Dynasty, describes the efficacy of lacquer as medicine in Dong-uibogam.

The lacquer wood contains a high concentration of flavonoids, including butyin, sulphuretin, fisetin, and fustin.

Several SCI-level international journals have published studies on the anticancer and antioxidant properties of these ingredients.

With our technology, we have the ability to extract only the beneficial medicinal properties of lacquer trees by removing the toxic urushiol. (There are two patents in this area)

On the basis of these technologies, we are also producing a variety of lacquer extract health supplements.

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